More Envelope Collections

Here are some links to other websites that show collections of hand illustrated envelopes. Click on the envelope to open the website, or on a link in the caption for additional information.

Klaus Flugge
Klaus Flugge is the founder of Andersen Press in the UK. Over his 30+ year career,
he received scores of hand illustrated envelopes from all over the world.
More of Flugge's collection can be seen here.

The Smithsonian Institute
The Smithsonian Institution collections contain many hand illustrated envelopes.
A little time and effort spent online at the Collections Search Center can
yield a trove of illustrated envelopes and letters. One such collection is the
letters sent by Corporal Stephen Douglas from his post in the Pacific during
WWII to his wife.

Edward Gorey
Edward Gorey illustrated many of the envelopes in his correspondence with
Peter Neumeyer. More of Gorey's envelopes can be seen here.

Doodle Flix
The art of hand illustrating envelopes has entered popular culture in a rather
surprising way through the illustrating of Netflix DVD return envelopes.
Doodle Flix is a website devoted to this unique form of envelope illustration.

Owl Art Studio
Owl Art Studio has a collection of artist Robin Tatham's illustrated envelopes from
his long-term correspondence with a friend.

The Grateful Dead Online Archive
The GDOA has a stash of thousands of fan-illustrated envelopes.
Click on "Fan Art" on the home page, or do a site-search for "envelopes", but
be warned: I found the site's search function to be prone to zoning out, possibly
due to the huge amount of content.

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