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I became interested in drawing, illustrated journaling, and mail art all at the same time. I've dabbled in various mail art techniques and media, but in 2012 I began to focus exclusively on hand-illustrating my envelopes and postcards. Each envelope or postcard I mail to a pen pal or Postcrossing member is an original drawing, not a print, and hopefully adds to the written communication. To date, I've mailed over 200 hand-illustrated envelopes and postcards.

In 2015, I began to wonder if anyone else was in the habit of illustrating their envelopes and postcards. There are many blogs and websites focusing on mail art, decorated envelopes, and hand-lettered envelopes, but, though I found plenty of examples of historical illustrated envelopes, I found very little on people currently illustrating envelopes that wasn't focused on the philatelic aspects of the envelopes produced.

Since I had kept scans of nearly every hand-illustrated envelope or postcard I've mailed, I decided to start this blog to showcase the hand-illustrated envelopes and postcards I've produced and continue to produce, as well as those I've received, and also to point the way to other online collections of hand-illustrated envelopes.

If you're interested in this subject, and have any questions or comments, please fell free to leave comments on the blog posts, or contact me either through the contact form in the column to the right, or write to me. My mailing address is:

I also added a page featuring my artistamp designs, with printable sheets in PDF format available for free download. 

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