Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween and Los Dias de los Muertos

The imagery of Halloween and Los Dias de los Muertos makes fun and interesting illustrations for envelopes and cards mailed in late Oct. and early Nov.

A pen pal sent me a gift box of Halloween cookies, so I drew this postcard as
a thank you. Mailed Oct. 14, 2011

Mailed Oct. 24, 2012

Mailed Oct. 24, 2013

My pen pal Kelly, the fearless mailer, put stamps and an address label on
a novelty jack-o-lantern, and dropped it in the mail. It took a couple weeks
to reach me, but finally arrived intact, and I drew this postcard to let Kelly
know of its arrival. Mailed Nov. 5, 2013

Mailed Oct. 10, 2014

Mailed Oct. 20, 2014

Mailed Nov. 3, 2014

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enricotravels said...

I'm glad you keep copies of your original art that you send far and wide.