Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Meta Mail

Occasionally the subject of my envelope illustration is the mail I've received (or possibly haven't received). These illustrations are fun to try to make as realistic as possible, almost like a forgery.

Kelly's whiffle-ball envelope sailing over home plate on the front, and a
bonus art tip on the back. Mailed Dec. 21, 2011 

This is a drawing of a hand-printed Postcrossing postcard I received from a woman who, in a rather amazing
coincidence, turned out to be the sister of a pen pal of mine. This envelope, sent to that pen pal, was
mailed May 2, 2012.

After dealing with the frustration of several pieces of mail taking weeks to travel 1000 miles, I drew this tongue-
in-cheek postcard speculating on potential reasons for the delayed delivery of yet another piece of missing mail.
Mailed on the Ides of March, 2014 

Got behind in my correspondence, and was responding to several pieces of mail from one pen pal, so I drew all
the mail on my response envelope. Mailed Apr. 4, 2014

An illustration announcing the arrival (finally!) of a letter that had been traveling for three weeks.
Mailed Apr. 13, 2015

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