Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Letters From Kelly

Kelly is by far my most prolific pen pal. She's a wonderful mail artist and a fearless mailer-- she'll mail anything she can stick a stamp and an address label on. I've received some very unusual mail from her. Kelly works in various media and techniques including hand-illustration, sometimes in combination with other techniques. Here are some of the hand-illustrated postcards and envelopes I've received from her:

Watercolor with a sticker. Received Jan., 2012

Watercolor with stamped lettering. Received Jan., 2012

White gel ink. Received Aug., 2012

Watercolor and graphite. Received Sept. 2012

Watercolor. Received Sept. 2013

Gouache with stamped scarecrow and lettering, and sticker. Received Nov., 2013

Gouache. Received Dec., 2013

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