Friday, July 10, 2015

Envelopes Illustrated

Occasionally, I like to draw the mail I've received in my illustrated journal. So in a departure from illustrated envelopes, here are some pages from my illustrated journal depicting mail I've received:

The first mail art I received, from Australia in Aug., 2010

Received Oct., 2010

My pen pal Kelly, the fearless mailer, was planning a trip to Texas. She invited me to meet her for lunch
during her visit with the most unique invitation ever: she wrote the letter in a spiral on the back of a
plastic plate, put stamps and an address label on the front, and dropped it in the mail. Unfortunately,
due to a handling mishap at the USPS, the plate was shattered while in transit. Some kindly PO
employee, however, took the time to reassemble the plate (though with a few pieces missing) with clear
packing tape. It was delivered to me, damaged but readable, in July of 2011.

Oct. 24, 2011 was a particularly good mail day: seven Postcrossing postcards plus a letter from a pen pal.

Another imaginative mailing from Kelly: a whiffle ball used as an envelope! 

Kelly added a stamp and typed address to a vintage first-day cover for this mailing.

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