Friday, July 31, 2015


South central Texas is rife with bugs of all kinds. I hate bugs, but I do like to draw them. You really see the interesting ways they are put together when you study one up close to draw it. I've only illustrated a few envelopes with bugs, mostly the various kinds of stinging bugs we are so richly supplied with:

 I said I hate bugs above, but actually, I love dragonflies. They're harmless, and fun to watch.
Mailed July 24, 2012

I found the skull of a feral hog in the pasture, and brought it home to draw.
Once home, I discovered the skull to be home to a nest of scorpions, so
I drew them, too. Mailed Jan. 26, 2012

A pen pal wrote that she had "stirred up a hornet's nest", referring to a
personal matter. I drew this envelope in response. The figure from
Munch's The Scream and the hornet's nest are collaged.
Mailed July 9, 2012

Earthing?!? Not where I live!
Postcard mailed Sept. 19, 2012

The asp (puss moth larva) looks like a fluffy caterpillar, but the fine hairs deliver an extremely painful sting.
Mailed Aug. 9, 2014  

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